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Our company is broadly engaged in manufacturing & supplying the various types of Magnetic Plate utilizing refined quality crude materials to ensure both nature of plate magnets and consumer loyalties. Magnetic Plates are very efficient industrial iron separators that are used for the separation of fine ferrous particles and tramp iron from different kinds of free streaming and pneumatically passed on material like corn, sugar, flour, rock, plastic and others granular materials.

Magnetic Plates are manufactured either using ferrite magnets or high intensity Rare Earth Neodymium (Nd-Fe-B) magnets placed within the magnetic circuit. The selections of magnets are as per the requirements and specifications of the customer. The process involves the attraction of the flowing iron particles when the material flows from the surface of the magnetic plate. The magnetic field generated by the magnet penetrates the product flow and attracts the iron particles as it passes by the plate. This trapped iron particles are removed during the cleaning process.

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